Sanitisation of Varanasi now being done by Garuda drone

Varanasi, April 19 (IANS) Sanitisation in Varanasi is now being done by the Garuda drone which has replaced the risky manual sanitisation of the coronavirus hotspot in Madanpura locality.

The Garuda drone carrying pesticides sanitised heavily populated areas of Madanpura on Sunday. It was monitored from Godowlia by Divisional Commissioner Deepak Agrawal.

“After Madanpura, this sanitization drone will also be used to disinfect hotspots of Bajardiha, Lohta, Nakkhighat and Gangapur,” said Agrawal.

As per the contract signed between the Chennai-based aerospace company from where the drone was purchased, Varanasi Municipal Corporation (VMC) and Varanasi Smart City Limited, this drone was introduced in view of the topography of localities.

“It has also enabled the VMC to reduce deployment of manpower available with it and utilize it in other areas which are comparatively safer for humans ,” said Agrawal.

“Sanitization through drone will take place between 8 am and 6 pm daily,” he added.

Municipal commissioner Gaurang Rathi said after covering the hotspots, the drone would also sanitize buffer areas and shelters homes, quarantine centres, isolation wards and even the safe localities of the city.

For this task, a team of seven persons including pilots are assigned by the agency. Through this cost-effective project, the hotspots and buffer zones will undergo sanitization twice a day.



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