Salman encourages social distancing with Swag

New Delhi, May 29 (IANSlife) Heightened safety and hygiene standards is the new normal; to that end Bollywood superstar Salman Khan joins hands with Pepsi to encourage people to greet one another with a traditional Salaam and Namaste.

As ‘social-distancing' and ‘zero-contact' become the new IT words, the way forward for people both in India and globally is to ditch the handshake and opt for contactless greetings. The precedent was already set as early as March this year when British Royals and global leaders were photographed opting for desi acknowledgments rather than the accepted Western standards.

In an endeavour to make these contactless Indian greetings a part of the pop culture, Pepsi, along with its brand ambassador Salman Khan, have today introduced an exciting digital forward campaign. The video campaign aims at inspiring the world that greeting each other with a Salaam/Namaste is the perfect way to ensure social distancing and yet maintain connections responsibly.

Speaking exclusively to IANSlife, actor Salman Khan stated, “I am proud to partner with Pepsi and to encourage people to embrace contactless form of greetings. I am confident that people will enjoy the campaign that we kicked off today as real swag is in wishing each other by using greetings like salaam/namaste.”

The superstar added, “These simple yet effective greeting also symbolise our intent to keep each other safe, especially in the these challenging times.”

Khan who is currently home-sheltering along with the rest of the country due to the government mandated lockdown asserts, “Social distancing is the need of the hour and I am proud to partner with Pepsi in this culturally relevant campaign. All our life, we have been taught to care about others and to maintain social distancing in today's times, is an extension to that lesson. I truly believe that there is real swag in greeting people with Salaam & Namaste as you are not only keeping yourself safe but others too, in the process. Together, Pepsi and I, salute people who are embracing these contactless forms of greetings.”

The campaigns video is an extension of youth centric campaign – ‘SWAG SE SOLO' and is based on three relevant insights. The cultural insight which recognizes salaam and namaste as an inherent part of the nation's culture; the social insight which recognizes the importance of social distancing in the new world; and the consumer insight which recognizes the people's need to express themselves in a fun and engaging manner. It encourages behavioural change through adherence to social distancing norms through a simple act of doing salaam/ namaste in an entertaining manner.

A PepsiCo India spokesperson said, “Existing habits and beliefs have never been challenged as much as they are being today. Social distancing will take centerstage as people step out of their homes once again. Pepsi as a responsible brand, aims to champion the cause of contactless greetings by encouraging people to use our old age traditional ways of greetings with Salaam/Namaste.”



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