‘Room 104’ to end with upcoming fourth season

Los Angeles, May 13 (IANS) Horror anthology series “Room 104”, created by Mark and Jay Duplass, is set to end with its fourth season.

The show narrates spooky stories of characters from various walks of life, who go through different experiences in Room 104 of a motel. From dark comedy to sci-fi to animated scares, the makers explore different themes on the show.


Now, HBO has shared that the previously announced fourth season will be the final one for the half-hour anthology series. The show's 12-episode final season will go live on July 24, reports hollywoodreporter.com.

Incidentally, the fourth season features original songs. For the first time, Mark Duplass will write, star in, direct and perform original music in the upcoming season.

The season four guest stars include Jillian Bell, Dave Bautista, Melissa Fumero, Kevin Nealon, Erinn Hayes, Linda Lavin, Jennifer Kim and Kevin McKidd, among several others. Directors include Mark Duplass and Natalie Morales.



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