Rajeev Siddhartha: Web shows help us stay at home without feeling frustrated

Mumbai, May 6 (IANS) Actor Rajeev Siddhartha, who has appeared in web series as “Four More Shots Please!” and “Hundred” lately says that digital content is one of the best options when it comes to keeping people occupied during the lockdown.

“In this tough time when we had to sit at home, we are left with no option but finding our way to entertain and engage ourselves. Over the past five years when web entertainment space was growing, people wondered why we were constantly saying that it is the future. Now we know why,” Rajeev told IANS.


He continued: “Since several production houses made so many shows, many actors like me found a space, an opportunity. Also, the audience has the chance to watch their favourite or a completely new show as per their convenience. You do not get to do that with a TV show as easily you do it with digital entertainment. I think it is giving us a reason to stay home, stay engaged without feeling frustrated.”

On “Four More Shots Please!”, he plays a character named Mihir Shah.

“While it looks like an easy character to play, Mihir was quite mature and that was interesting for me. He has been rejected twice by women but is very graceful about it. For a man, such quality is admirable, and by portraying such a character I have become mature as an individual,” said the actor.

Rajeev received a lot of praise for web shows like “Romil & Jugal”, “Upstarts”, “Marzi”, “Kaushiki” among others.

The actor has also finished working on a web series directed by Prakash Jha and is waiting for the lockdown phase to get over so that the team can proceed with the release of the show.




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