QNu Labs unveils 2 products for data security, privacy

Bengaluru, March 19 (IANS) In a boost for the government's ‘Made in India' initiative', QNu Labs on Thursday unveiled two products for data security and privacy for enterprises, governments and defence organisations.

“Our quantum safe security products ‘Troops' and ‘Armos' are deployment-ready in India and overseas for data security and privacy, which are a concern for enterprises the world over,” said the city-based start-up in a statement here.

With quantum first approach, the company will play a key role in building an ecosystem and making the country self-reliant in quantum technologies.

“As a pioneer in quantum technology, we are focused on building the eco-system with our quantum random number generator (Troops) and quantum key distribution system (Armos) products, by crafting industry thought leadership and partnering with the government,” said the statement.

In the Union Budget for fiscal 2020-21, the government has allocated Rs 8,000 crore for making India a global quantum computing leader.

The prevailing public-key encryption method is exposed and vulnerable to quantum computers, as hackers are incentivised to carry out the “harvest now, decrypt later” attack where they can copy and store encrypted data and decrypt it later with quantum computers.

“Our technology enables a pair of quantum safe cryptographic keys between two remote parties through an exchange of encoded quantum bits (qubits), which are un-hackable in conformity with the laws of quantum physics,” said the statement.

The company has also developed sub-components like single photon detectors, time to digital converters and clock synchronisation modules for quantum safe security products and solutions.

“Our products and solutions offer protection to ‘data in motion' for sectors like defence, homeland security, government's critical infrastructure, finance, and healthcare,” said QNu Labs co-founder and chief executive Sunil Gupta on the occasion.

The product roadmap includes development of quantum hardware security modules, free space and satellite, post quantum cryptography solutions.



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