Pavleen Gujral on the time she nearly went into depression

Mumbai, July 8 (IANS) Actor Pavleen Gujral, best known for playing Pamela in the award-winning 2015 film “Angry Indian Goddesses”, says there was a time when she had nearly gone into depression.

“Right after ‘Angry Indian Goddesses', I took a sabbatical from acting as I wanted to concentrate on being a new mother. After a year or so when I got back to work I realised that offers had thinned, as it is this industry is also about out of sight, out of mind, I felt dejected and had nearly gone into depression,” she recalled.

Then she realised that patience is very important in the entertainment industry.

“So I started meditating every day, worked harder, and was able to overcome it. Soon offers started to pour in,” she said.

Pavleen then featured in the film “Bhor” and web series “Made in Heaven” and “Parchhayee”.

Her family's constant support and encouragement also helped her to be strong.



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