Pandemic will make ‘The Walking Dead’ film better: Robert Kirkman

Los Angeles, July 21 (IANS) “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman feels the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will make an upcoming Rick Grimes spin-off film even better.

During a recent panel discussion, Kirkman spoke about the film's progress.

“There's tons of stuff going on behind the scenes. I don't want anyone to think that we're just kind of waiting around for this pandemic to end. I would say that, if anything, the pandemic is going to make a lot of movies better. I think the Rick Grimes movie is chief among them, because we're getting a lot more time to cook this thing and make sure it's perfect,” he said.

“The Walking Dead” film has been in the pipeline for two years, ever since actor Andrew Lincoln left the role of Rick Grimes on the TV show. The film is planned to be the first of a trilogy, reports radiotimes.com.



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