Pakistan PM Imran Khan unfollows everyone on Twitter, gets trolled

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has unfollowed everyone from his Twitter account, including his first wife Jemima Goldsmith.

According to a report by The News International, on Monday evening, users of Pakistani Twitter space noticed that PM Imran Khan was no longer following anyone on Twitter from his official @ImranKhanPTI account.

Currently, Khan has about 12.9 million followers on Twitter. The number of people he follows now shows zero.

Meanwhile, the Twitteratis have noticed that he unfollowed Jemima Goldsmith, a film producer, and his former wife.

Imran Khan, who had created his Twitter profile in 2010, had continued to follow his first wife Jemima Goldsmith even after parting ways with her and getting married twice.

While not many comments have been made on Khan unfollowing everyone, people seem to have not liked him unfollowing his first wife.

“Bro @ImranKhanPTI unfollowed @Jemima_Khan?!?!” said one of the Twitter users.

“Imran Khan visited Nawaz Sharif’s @NawazSharifMNS Twitter timeline, realized NS does not follow anybody. Got angry that this might reflect poorly on him. Went back to his own timeline and unfollowed all his MNAs and ex-wife,” another user said.

Another user said, “Even though @ImranKhanPTI unfollowed everyone but I am sure something inside Jemima just broke.”

“Baqi sub to theik hai khan sahib ne Jemima ko b unfollow kr dyia (Unfollowing is still ok but Imran Khan unfollowed even Jemima?),” said one of the Twitteratis.

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