Oppo unveils Android 10-based ColorOS 7 with localised features

New Delhi, Nov 26 (IANS) Chinese handset maker Oppo's customised operating system (OS) ColorOS 7, which is based on Android 10 and brings in localised features like DocVault — the government-approved DigiLocker integration, was unveiled here on Tuesday.

Oppo's new ColorOS 7 is faster and increases application response time by 30 per cent with multiple apps running in the background, according to the company.

“We strive to make ColorOS broader yet more localised, creating a truly global system that users in different markets can experience and enjoy. This means we will continue to expand our localisation efforts to ensure that ColorOS is highly adapted to local user needs,” Manoj Kumar, Senior Principal Engineer, Oppo ColorOS, said in a statement.

The new customised OS has adopted a lightweight visual approach that simplifies it helping users focus more on the content.

Besides full icon customisation, there's a dark mode that provides superior reading experience in all-day conditions, thus, helping users concentrate more and reducing battery consumption.

“We have focussed on delivering not only a smooth experience, but also on providing solutions specific to Indian users such as DocVault in association with the government of India,” said Tasleem Arif, Vice-President and Head of R&D, Oppo.

The handset maker's R&D centre in Hyderabad has more than 280 team members who focus on localising features and also assist the global team to create globalised features.

The localisation of both ColorOS and ColorOS 7 is based on research on trends and patterns in consumer usage habits.

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