Not appropriate for PM to compare human tragedy: Manish Tewari

New Delhi, April 14 (IANS) Congress has slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for comparing the numbers of Covid-19 deaths and infection with that of other countries as this is a human tragedy.

Congress leader Manish Tewari told the media that this is a human tragedy no nation should suffer due to the virus. “It is not appropriate for the Prime Minister to compare the numbers with other countries but could have said that we are better equipped than other countries,” said Manish Tewari.

The Prime Minister, while making a global comparison to suggest how strict and early measures helped India arrest the surge, said: “India started screening at airports even before we had one corona positive patient in India… Even though we had 550 cases, India took a big decision to completely shutdown India. We didn't wait for the problem to erupt.”

He asserted while India testing more suspected corona patients have significantly gone up, it has simultaneously ramped up its corona infrastructure. “We have one lakh beds and there are 6,000 hospitals only for corona-infected patients,” claimed the Prime Minister.

The Congress has demanded that the government should give bonus on Minimum Support Price (MSP), which could be Rs 500.

The Congress also demanded that as the government has decided that economy could wait lives are important then the government should come up with welfare measures.



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