No common sitting areas; maintain social distancing, offices told

New Delhi, May 5 (IANS) As offices across the city opened, the Delhi government has asked all workplaces to remove common sitting areas and to ensure food is consumed at designated areas with social distancing.

From Monday, offices, including private, were allowed in Delhi. While those under essential category can have 100 per cent attendance, those under non-essential category were asked to maintain 33 per cent attendance. In an order, Nitin Jindal, District Disaster Management Authority (South West) said there is a strict ban on gutka, tambaku, paan etc on site and spitting in the common area should be strictly prohibited. Not more than 2 persons will be allowed to travel in lifts or hoists.

“Use of the staircase for climbing should be preferred…Food should be consumed at designated areas only ensuring social distancing. Common sitting arrangements have to be removed. Further, bathrooms and toilets usage must be scheduled to avoid crowding,” the order issued on Monday said. For construction work, the order said the construction activities will be allowed to operate where workers are available on site and no workers are required to be brought in from outside.

“The employer will ensure mandatory thermal scanning of everyone entering and exiting a construction site will be done for checking fever/body temperature. If anyone leaves and re-enters the site during the shift, re-screening of the individual will be done prior to re-entry into site.”

It says all construction workers and site engineering staff will be required to wash and sanitise his/her hands before entering the site. Same procedure to be followed after exiting the premise. “Sufficient quantities of hand wash or soaps and related items have to be available at the site. Further, the entire construction site will be disinfected on a daily basis.”The workers have not to share their belongings like food, water bottles, utensils, mobile phones etc. with others. For industries, it said biometric attendance systems should be withheld and strict protocols on social distancing and hygiene at the workplace/gatherings shall be followed.

“All the industrial workers/employees have to download the Aarogya Setu mobile app on their mobile phones and the Bluetooth of the mobile phones will have to be activated always.”

It also said industry is responsible to provide face masks to all the workers and ensure that the workers wear the masks the moment they step out of their houses, during travel inside the premises and while working in the factory.



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