No clarity now, but optimistic at some stage we will have IPL: Kohli

Bengaluru, April 24 (IANS) Hailing those in power for doing a tremendous job in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, India skipper Virat Kohli on Friday said he is hopeful that at “some stage” the Indian Premier League (IPL) will see the light of the day as the nation is heading in the right direction.

In an Instagram chat with South African batting great AB de Villiers, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) skipper Kohli said: “We have no clarity at this moment but I am optimistic that at some stage we will have something.”


Kohli and de Villiers are the two pillars at RCB who have always underachieved despite having the firepower. Kohli also opined the game and emotions related to it would not be the same post coronavirus as egos will water down and the human side of people will come to the fore.

“I don't think things will get back to as it was. I have understood we need to swallow our ego and be thankful that we have a comfortable house. Look at what daily wage earners are going through. The enjoyment part of things will change and people will stop getting so serious about scoring runs. The human side will come out.”

On the month-long lockdown so far in India, the 31-year old said he is staying positive and trying to see a silver lining out of all this.

“We have been in lockdown for a long time now. Our leadership is doing a tremendous job, we are a huge country. Our immunity is helping as well, not too many casualties. But it's still difficult for those who don't get food to eat…the migrant workers.

“It is tough for them. Good to see the human side coming out in many people, no ego, manipulations anywhere…people trying to help… so there is a silver lining and I can see that.”

Kohli also said the entire situation feels surreal and as a sportsman it is his duty to inspire people to stay positive and take lessons from comebacks, which is an integral part of sport.

“It is surreal. I never thought we will see a time like this. Sport teaches us to bounce back and people can relate to that so we can keep motivating people and touching the right emotion.”

de Villiers also said he felt at times he was not doing enough as a person with such a huge following.

“I felt I am not doing enough with all my following. I told my wife. She told me to be patient. So yes, we need to do something positive everyday and that makes a difference.”




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