Nisha Rawal clarifies she’s not pregnant, slams belly-shamers

Mumbai, May 8 (IANS) Actress Nisha Rawal has slammed people who belly-shamed her by asking if she is pregnant.

Nisha, who is married to Karan Mehra of “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai”, took to Instagram and wrote: “This picture was clicked yesterday & ‘No! I ain't pregnant' & ‘Yes! I have a belly'. Belly shame is one of the many kinds of shaming we have in our stigmatised society! I have always had a tummy. It would become smaller or bigger depending on my fitness regime but would never go away! I was always ashamed of it and that made me do things that would either injure me by beating myself up in the gym doing crunches until my muscles went into a cramp or would do the opposite with my hog-sprees!”

She added: “After we got married, all eyes were even more on my tummy! And now they had the audacity of transforming into questions, at the red carpet, in the lift, in interviews, coffee shops: ‘Are u pregnant?' While I was like, ‘Am I supposed to be or am I even supposed to answer that question or should I work more on my belly, and towards the end of it, that shame would make me indulge more, making it a vicious cycle!”

Nisha believes in being fit over fat.

“See that's what shaming does, it just makes the victim do more of what he is shamed about.We all have shamed someone, knowingly or unknowingly because our culture conditions us to believe it's normal to ask anyone,

‘Hey why all the weight?'

‘Don't u eat anything?'

‘You must be dieting too much',

and on goes the list!

And after we have babies, except for a rare, few women, our bellies are never the same! They sag and have stretch marks! We won't wear a bikini, won't have sex with lights on and would suddenly become so conscious of the bodies we have lived in all our lives!It's not easy to accept this new found body post birth.But let's atleast hold each other's hands and try! Let's uplift each other,” she urged.

Karan and Nisha have a boy named Kavish who was born in 2017.



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