New Apple patent hints at touchscreen MacBook

San Francisco, Jan 18 (IANS) A new patent has surfaced online that hints Apple touchscreen MacBook could be in the making.

The patent is filed under the US Patent No 20200019367 titled “Cross-Device Interactions.” In one of the descriptions, Apple explicitly mentions touchscreen laptops.

It stated that “in some embodiments, display 5012 is also a touch-sensitive display,” moreover, it adds that “in one or more of such embodiments, the user optionally performs a variety of finger inputs over display 5012 to enter user inputs via display 5012,” AppleInsider reported recently.

As seen in the patent description, the screen is described as “a touch sensitive display” and the user can choose “a variety of finger inputs over display” depending on their purpose.

The touch display can be used for various functions and commands.

Earlier, Craig Federighi the senior Vice President of Apple said the company has decided against producing a touchscreen Mac.

“We really feel that the ergonomics of using a Mac are that your hands are rested on a surface, and that lifting your arm up to poke a screen is a pretty fatiguing thing to do,” he said. “I don’t think we’ve looked at any of the other guys to date and said, how fast can we get there?”

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