Netflix New India plans to cut prices and now start at Rs. 149 per month

The online content streaming platform, Netflix has reduced its subscription prices upto 18-60% across all its plans in India, says the report. The new plans will be applicable to all customers.

The company said that the decision was taken to get more new viewers on board amid rising competition in the Over The Top segment in India.

Under the revised rates that would roll out from Tuesday, Netflix’s mobile subscribers would now be available at Rs 149 a month which was earlier Rs 199 per month. Whereas the basic plan has been priced at Rs 199, instead of Rs 499. The Standard plan would be charged at Rs 499 per month while the Premium plan at Rs 649 a month.

The Standard and Premium plans were earlier charged at Rs 649 and Rs 799 per month, respectively.

Netflix India Vice President- Content, Monika Shergill said, “We are dropping our prices and it's across the board, across our plans. This will include all our services – local and global. The biggest drop of 60 percent is in the Basic plan, because we want the audiences to watch Netflix on a bigger screen or on any device, so that has gone down from Rs 499 to Rs 199.”

She added that the new prices would appeal to everyone including the first-time users joining the platform.

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