Netflix free again for two days, check dates and how to access Stream Fest

Netflix recently launched a scheme in which it allowed people to watch content on Netflix for two days free on December 5 and 6. The scheme proved highly successful in India and this is the reason why Netflix has announced to free Netflix for two more days. During these two days, the users will be able to watch movies and web series on Netflix even without subscribing to the popular streaming platform.

The Stream Fest of Netflix started at 9 am on December 9 and it will run till 8:59 pm on December 11. Those who failed to watch Netflix for free in the first two days can use this opportunity to watch some of their favorite content for free on Netflix.

Netflix is allowing people to watch its content for free in order to allow more and more people to access its content, According to Netflix, under Stream Fest, content can also be viewed through mobile, laptop, TV, Chromecast, browser, gaming console.

In order to access Netflix for free, you have to sign up for it and if you are already a Netflix subscriber then you cannot avail of this facility. If you are not a Netflix subscriber then you can take advantage of it.

Here’s how to enjoy Netflix Stream Fest:

  • If you want to access Netflix on your desktop or laptop, just type www.netflix.com/in/streamfest on your web browser.
  • You can also access Netflix on your Android, iOS devices, and smart TV.
  • To watch free Netflix content under Netflix Stream Fest, you will have to provide your email ID and mobile number.

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