Namit Das: My growth as a performer depends on who I collaborate with

Mumbai, July 9 (IANS) Namit Das has been busy lately. He has been essaying different avatars, in “Aarya” and the upcoming “Mafia”. The actor says web series roles as diverse as these have propped the one of the best phases of his career, where he is getting to prove his versatility.

“I am in a good phase of my career, yes. In the last few web shows people have actually witnessed me as a versatile actor. But I do not think that different offers are coming my way based on the medium. I am equally happy to be part of a web series and a TV series. But I must say that my growth as a performer depends on who I am collaborating with. When I entered the set of ‘Aarya', I learnt so much because (director) Ram (Madhvani) sir has his way of working that is very different from everyone I have worked with so far,” Namit told IANS.

He added: “My approach towards a character has changed because his way of extracting performance is unique. When it comes to (director) Birsa (Dasgupta) da in ‘Mafia', it was again a new experience. He listens to his actors, is open to suggestions, and is quite democratic. Since the show is a thriller, at times we are taking what is written on the paper to the next level through performance. ‘Mafia' was seriously quite exciting to shoot.”

The Zee5 show ‘Mafia' also features Anindita Bose, Tanmay Dhanania, Isha M. Saha and Madhurima Roy in pivotal roles.

About his role in “Mafia”, he said: “My character Nitin is quite a mysterious man, who enters the world of these six friends and unveils their past that brought them to the equation that they share now. As the show is a thriller, I really cannot unveil much,” replied the actor.

Namit has also played a part in Mira Nair's anticipated mini-series “A Suitable Boy” starring Ishaan Khatter and Tabu.

“Mira is a legend and very senior in the business. She has her way of handling actors. She looks at every scene from a different point of view. In the end, I, as a performer, felt empty. But I also realised the possibilities one can look at in of a scene, and how I can give it my best as a performer,” said Namit.



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