More people likely to shop through smartphones in 2020

New Delhi, Jan 8 (IANS) Rising affordability and better user experience would translate into more people shopping through smartphones this year, e-commerce platform Club Factory said on Wednesday while announcing predictions for 2020.

“The year will not only witness maturing of online shopping, but also addition of millions of new shoppers as companies try and improve online shopping experiences. The phase of disruption will continue to accelerate with new ideas and innovations,” it said.

In 2020, according to the firm, with availability of more payment options users will make more digital payments, reducing cash on delivery. The increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) in e-commerce will mean improved logistics, speedier deliveries and better buyer experience.

The digitalisation will allow platforms to source directly from factory, connecting consumers to manufacturing and helping them avail the best possible price as well as better product customisation.

Internet penetration, users becoming familiar with conveniences and benefits of online shopping will help expand the e-commerce market.

E-commerce is also creating a level-playing field for users in smaller towns and cities. As more users get online in these cities, they will be the key to the growth of e-commerce.

More users are likely to sign up for subscription services to regulate delivery and save money.

Chatbots will get better and step in to ensure that chats are not abandoned mid way. Voice interfaces and assistants will also add to the experience of ordering products online.

According to the company, shoppers will be armed with better devices and demand enhanced experiences; videos will fill the void. As the message of recycling amps up, this category will become big, catering to users, like students and budget families.

The year will see an extension of more categories as users become comfortable expanding shopping carts with newer products. Non-electronics products may also see a boom as more users have started buying essential and non-essential products online, where they are assisted by a smart recommendation system to help match their demands.

Companies will offer choices tailored to your budget, needs and fit.

There will be increased experimentation with virtual mirrors — a combination of RFID technology and augmented reality. More people will shop in their local languages as e-shopping gets new buyers.

As more marketplace models were being adopted and launched by startups, we might see more of zero commission platforms where e-commerce players would make it free to sell on their platform, it said.

Currently, Club Factory is the only commission-free e-commerce platform in the country.

E-commerce firms will customise their marketing plans based on differences between urban and rural buyers, shoppers in big cities and small towns and varied cultural ethos.

Celebrities, local and micro-influencers will play a greater role in shopping decisions.

The year may see a rise in shared e-commerce as people take up products on rent, and use of drones for the last-mile delivery in some cases is likely.

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