Meta Introduces Make-A-Video: AI Enabled System To Generate Videos From Text

Meta, One of the largest technology companies that own Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp introduced an AI system-based functionality called Make-A-Video that can create videos from text.

AI is one of the buzzwords currently on the internet. Various companies and organizations are developing new technologies based on AI to simplify our lives and make things more exciting. In the race, especially social media and internet companies are far ahead. However, this time Facebook's parent company Meta has come up with the latest technology by which people would be able to turn text prompts into brief, high-quality video clips. According to the company, this new technology will open new doors for creators and artists.

Meta announced the Make-A-Video after the Makeup-A-Scene which is a multimodal generative AI method that gives people more control over the AI-generated content they produce. The new tool will allow people to create a video with just a few words or lines of text and it can also create videos from images or take existing videos and create new ones that are similar.

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