Meet exotic birds in live session series

<br>EsselWorld Bird Park's ‘Celebirdy LIVE?', bird handlers will be seen doing a walkthrough of the Park, while introducing it along with spotting some of the free flying birds at the premises. ‘Kick', the Green Winged Macaw will be the first celebirdy that will go live with the bird handlers, who will talk about the bird and discuss interesting facts and little story behind the tropical jungle.

Joining them over a live chat will be renowned celebrity vet specialist, Dr. Rina Dev who has been associated with the bird park since the time of its inception and knows each one of them in and out closely.

“Post receiving a wonderful response from EsselWorld LIVE, that started April 12, this time we thought of doing a live session with our very own celebrity birds, which we call ‘celebirdies'. Considering we are India's first interactive bird park that houses more than 500 exotic birds, we thought why not get them closer to our patrons until we all are back home!

“We have planned four sessions in all where we will be having four of our different celebrity birds go live on our Instagram page,” said Paresh Mishra, Senior Vice President, Sales ?and Marketing, EsselWorld Leisure.

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