Maharashtra Govt Is To Make Marathi Compulsory In All Government Jobs

The Maharashtra government lead by Uddhav Thackeray has issued a directive to use Marathi compulsorily in all government work.

According to the official report, recently, the Maharashtra government has directed all state offices, starting from the local administration to all officers and staff, to use Marathi compulsorily from now on.

The directive, issued on Monday, told the head of each department that if anyone disobeyed the instructions on the Marathi language, the person concerned would be warned. Besides if necessary, the annual salary increase will be stopped.

Incidentally, even before this, there was a demand in Maharashtra to use the Marathi language in government work. This time it has been instructed to follow it more strictly. So this time the provision of punishment has also been added to the order. It may be mentioned here that a law was passed in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly last February to make Marathi compulsory in schools.

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