Lockdown diaries: Richa Chadha takes up meditation

Mumbai, April 7 (IANS) Actress Richa Chadha has chosen the World Health Day on April 7 to talk about the importance of emotional health during these uncertain times of COVID-19 pandemic. She says she has made it a habit to get up and meditate every day.

Richa has posted her photo in which she is seen meditating.

“My brother took this photo for me… Like so many people, I had been waking up with ANXIETY in the first week of this lockdown… I would get up and immediately check the death toll from this lethal virus and feel extremely sad. I'd worry about the migrant labour, daily wagers and the homeless people, have sleepless nights after looking at their images or watching the news… The thought of the crashing economy would make me so nervous… I felt I could tap into the energy of the universe and it was so heavy,” she captioned it.

She continued: “So I made it a habit to get up and #meditate every day… and of course I am using comedy to alleviate stress all around.”

Since it's World Health Day, she feels a lot of people will speak about coronavirus.

“But this #lockdown, #socialdistancing, #selfisolating is not going to be easy for our #MENTALHEALTH. This virus has reminded us that no matter how ‘separate' we think we are, we are all connected, fragile, interdependent,” she wrote and ended on a positive note: “I hope you are taking good care of the mind along with the body.”

Meanwhile, she has been cooking, brooming and entertaining fans with her news parody series.



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