Lockdown diaries: Madhuri spends time with fans in interactive session

Mumbai, April 28 (IANS) Madhuri Dixit has revealed how she is spending her days during the ongoing COVID 19 lockdown. The actress is making the most of her quarantine time with her family and pet dog Carmelo, cooking, reading books and practicing kathak dance.

On Tuesday afternoon, Madhuri Dixit did an #AskMD session on Twitter where she responded to curious questions thrown at her by fans regarding her life, her perception and opinion about several things including the ongoing lockdown. The actress patiently handled all the questions and responded to them.

Responding to a fan's question about how she is spending her lockdown days, the actress tweeted: “Mostly spending time with my family, playing with Carmelo, reading books, some cooking and doing kathak riyaz!”

Another fan asked for a suggestion regarding “how to control anger when dealing with negativity”. Madhuri replied: “Anger never helps you. Try to think with an open mind and always look on the bright side while dealing with negativity.”

Responding to another fan who was curious to learn the “secret” behind her “positive” mindset, the “Kalank” actress shared: “There's no secret. You just need to find the silver lining in everything.”

Another fan was eager to know how many times did the actress watch her 1994 blockbuster “Hum Aapke Hain Koun”, to which she replied: “Honestly, I have lost the count.”

While she was responding to fans' questions in a light-hearted manner and even gave them “virtual hugs”, Madhuri gave a stern response to a fan asking whether she feels the ongoing lockdown should be extended.

The actress replied: “It's not about what we all think. It's about our safety. So any which ways, we all should practice social distancing until it becomes safe out there.”



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