LinkedIn launches Hindi language support to reach 600 Million people in India

Professional networking platform LinkedIn on Thursday launched Hindi language support to expand its network to new users. LinkedIn said that by adding the new language to its network, it is aiming to support 600 million Hindi language speakers in India and around the world.

“In India, LinkedIn has been mission-critical to helping people connect, learn, grow, and get hired during the pandemic and in this new world of work we are in. With the launch of Hindi, now more members and customers can unlock greater value from the platform through content, jobs, and networking, and express themselves in a language that they feel comfortable in. We have witnessed high engagement and member growth in the last year, and it is at this exciting inflection point that we are strengthening our vision to create economic opportunity for ‘every’ member of the workforce, and taking down language barriers for Hindi speakers across the world,” says Ashutosh Gupta, India Country Manager, LinkedIn.

The Phase 1 roll-out of LinkedIn in Hindi will allow members to access their feed, profile, jobs, messages and create content in Hindi on desktop, and their Android and iOS devices. And as the next step, LinkedIn plans to work towards widening the range of job opportunities available for Hindi-speaking professionals across industries, including more banking, and government jobs.

To use LinkedIn in Hindi on an Android or iOS device, users need to select Hindi as their preferred device language under the phone settings. The experience will automatically be available in Hindi if you have already selected Hindi as your preferred language. On the desktop, you can select Hindi by clicking on the Me icon from the top-right side of your LinkedIn homepage and then going to Settings & Privacy > Account Preferences > Site Preferences > Language.

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