Kinsta Expands Their Data Center Reach In France With The Addition Of Pairs Data Center

One of the leading hosting providers, Kinsta just made available their Paris Data Center to serve France-based customers even more. That latest addition takes the number of data centers of Kinsta to 32 globally.

Kinsta, the US-based hosting company specialized in providing state-of-the-art managed WordPress solutions for WordPress lovers. The company started its journey in 2013 and since then gained huge popularity and has thousands of clients from 128 countries around the globe. Kinsta uses the Google cloud platform to deliver a high-speed and robust hosting solution for people. Hosting major kinsta expands their data center
Google cloud has a massive reach to the different locations around the globe, by using the google cloud platform, kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting, gets access to those locations to the different locations from Asia-pacific to Latin countries and from Europe to America.

Before the latest addition in Paris, kinsta had data centers in Changhua county, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Mumbai, Delhi, Jurong west, Jakarta, Sydney, Melbourne, Warsaw, Hamina, St. Ghislain, London, Frankfurt, Eemshaven, Zurich, Montréal, Toronto, São Paulo, Santiago, Council Bluffs, Monckscorner, Ashburn, The dalles, Los Angeles, Salt lake city, Las Vegas, Nevada, Milan, and Madrid.

As people are thriving to get more and more speed and performance for their websites, no aspect can be ignored and especially not with the data centers. A website, that has specific region-based traffic but has the data center far away from there is likely to see quite slow speed. So, Most of the data centers are now trying to cover up maximum regions with data centers so that customers can get the maximum speed. As the number of internet users is gaining, so increase the number of websites and the demand for high-speed hosting solutions. If you want to check the plans of Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting, you can try Kinsta here.

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