Karan Khandelwal moves to hometown in Kerala, driven by financial woes

Mumbai, June 27 (IANS) Actor Karan Khandelwal, who has featured in TV shows like “Haiwaan” and “Siddhi Vinayak”, has moved to his hometown in Kerala due to financial crisis.

“I was in Mumbai for many years but the current situation forced me to leave the city and drive back to my hometown. I covered around 1400 km,” he said.

“I was suffering from a lower back injury after meeting with an accident just before the lockdown. So driving my car all the way was a difficult task. I would like to pay my regards to the Indian police who helped me a lot and guided me,” he added.

Talking about the problems that he was facing in Mumbai, he shared: “Mumbai is one the highly affected (by coronavirus) cities in India. The cases were high. I wasn't even able to arrange food and other necessities for myself. It was getting difficult for me to meet expenses.”

His family helped him out with money. Also, before the lockdown, he was shooting for a web show.

“They cleared my payment. But apart from that, producers of my other projects didn't pay me. So it was a better option to move back home,” he said.



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