Instagram launches new tool to help hacked users regain account access

The Meta-owned social media platform Instagram has launched a new feature to help users regain access to their accounts that have been hacked.

The new ‘hacked hub’ will enable users to troubleshoot and regain control of their compromised account, it was revealed on Thursday.

“To support accounts that are experiencing access issues or may have been hacked, we created – a new, comprehensive destination people can rely on to report and resolve account access issues,” Instagram announced in a blog.

“If you’re unable to log in to your account, enter on your mobile phone or desktop browser. Next, you will be able to select if you think you’ve been hacked, forgot your password, lost access to two-factor authentication or if your account has been disabled. From there, you will be able to follow a series of steps to help regain access to your account. If you have multiple accounts associated with your information, you will be able to choose which account needs support,” the platform added.

Earlier, the social networking service had initiated testing a way for people to ask friends for identity confirmation for account access regaining, an option that can now be availed by everyone.

Instagram is also planning to send out warnings if users receive a Direct Message (DM) from an account impersonating a business.

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