How Dog Owners Can Maintain Their Georgia Sod Grass?

There are many problems that people face who have dogs as a pet; inside and especially outside in the garden.

In the garden the one thing that is damaged the most is the ordinary or sod grass you laid.

How Georgia Sod Grass Can Be Damaged?

It is very less likely that the Georgia Sod grass will be damaged because it has been manufactured with increased features of the ordinary grass. But when the grass is not taken proper care even the sod grass be injured by the following things.

  1. When the dog is kept outside there is a wide chance that it pees on the grass. The sod grass needs a specific amount of nitrogen which can be obtained through fertilizing at a specific time. But the urine if the dog also contains nitrogen which causes the grass to change the color to brown.
  2. The poop of a dog contains bacteria that can cause fungus if not cleared. Several dog owners ignore to pick up because they are of the view that it will act as a natural fertilizer. But they forget that the sod grass needs fertilizing twice a year.
  3. Many pet owners must have noticed that the dogs dig holes in the ground. There can be several reasons for it. But this definitely damages the Georgia Sod Grass as it will come out from the roots.
  4. There are a few varieties of sod grass that you can order from suppliers like Atlanta Sod Farms that have a very high tolerance to foot traffic. But that is only when it is fully installed. When dogs run on newly laid grass; it decreases the proper growth.

Maintain Your Georgia Sod Grass:

No one can turnaround the habits of dogs that are mentioned above. But there are certain pointers and tips that the owners can do to avoid the damage done to the sod grass.

Choosing The Right Sod Grass:

As discussed above there are a few types of sod grass for sale that are the best for gardens and areas where there is more foot traffic or the presence of a dog. The three best choices that you have are;

  1. Zeon Zoysia Sod.
  2. Tall Fescue.
  3. Bermuda Sod Grass.

Wash Peed Area With Water:

Never allow the pee of the dog to stay on the sod grass. You can wash the chemicals away with the water as the nitrogen will dilute in the soil ad not damage the leaves.

Clear The Feces At Once:

If your dog stays outdoors on the Georgia Sod in Atlanta for say 5 to 6 hours; you can go out within every 2 hours to check the Feces. When you see the presence immediately clear it to avoid damage as well coyotes.

Don’t Restrict Dog To One Area:

Allow your dog to roam everywhere in the garden; don’t make it select a place to stay. This will equalize the area the dog runs and damage will be less.

Make Good Use Of The Damaged Space:

If you see an area where Georgia Sod is damaged and you don’t have the resources to reinstall; then you can make use of by making it the play area for the dog. These are the simple ways by which you can avoid damage to the garden.


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