Gujarat HC grants bail to 4 accused of pelting stones at police

Gandhinagar, June 26 (IANS) The Gujarat High Court on Thursday granted bail to four people, held by the police for allegedly attacking them.

According to the police, the accused had pelted stones on policemen who were enforcing the lockdown in Shahpur area of Ahmedabad.

Hearing the matter, Justice Gita Gopi observed that there were no serious injuries inflicted on any of the police personnel and no specific role of any of the accused had been established in the FIR.

“Looking at the FIR, the police has not attributed any specific role to any of the accused. Further, there is nothing on record to show that any of the police personnel had sustained any kind of injury requiring indoor hospitalisation. Considering these facts, application for bail is granted,” the judge ruled.

The bails were granted on personal bonds of Rs 15,000.

The alleged stone pelting incident had occurred on May 8 in Shahpur area, a containment zone, in old Ahmedabad. Police had alleged that stones were pelted on them by a mob and serious injuries very inflicted on five personnel. The police had detained 27 individuals, and filed charges of attempted murder, rioting and criminal conspiracy as well as charges under the Disaster Management Act and also the Epidemic Diseases Act against the accused.

Earlier, the city sessions court had denied bail, saying that “attacking Corona Warriors was a demoralising act, because they put their lives at risk in the interest of the society.”



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