Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited announced six months financial reports

Mumbai: Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited the fully integrated, leading Indian Coal Bed Methane (“CBM”) Company, is pleased to announce its reviewed half-year results for the six months ended 30 September 2020.

Abridged Financials for H1 FY 2021:

  H1 FY 2021 H1 FY 2020
  On a constant currency basis  
Revenue $ 12.25m $ 13.14m $ 19.21m
EBITDA $ 6.38m $ 6.85m $ 11.15m
PAT pre MTM / DTE* $ 0.82m $ 0.88m $ 3.74m
Cash Profit $ 2.80m $ 3.00m $ 6.18m
EPS** pre MTM / DTE $ 0.69c $ 0.74c $ 3.10c
Cash EPS** $ 2.35c $ 2.52c $ 5.20c
Gross Debt (INR) INR 4,829.20m INR 4,829.20m INR 5,291.60m
Gross Debt $ 65.43m $ 68.31m $ 74.86m
Net Debt (INR) INR 4,164.90m INR 4,164.90m INR 4,451.40m
Net Debt $ 56.43m $ 58.91m $ 62.97m
Net Debt: Equity Ratio 0.64 0.64 0.71
Price ($/mmbtu)*** $ 9.69 $ 10.40 $ 10.40
Sales (mmscfd) 7.26 10.91
  • The full set of the reviewed half-year financial statements available at the following link:
  • Due to COVID-19, there was a national lockdown in India from March 23, 2020until the end of June 2020, which was thereafter gradually relaxed. This had an adverse impact on sales in H1 FY 2020 – 2021.  The Company has taken appropriate measures to minimize the impact of optimizing costs and increasing efficiencies.
  • The Company continues to maintain sufficient liquidity to meet all of its financial obligations and had not availed itself of the optional debt moratorium allowed by the Reserve Bank of India due to COVID-19.
  • Shale gas and CBM reserves and resources in the Raniganj (South) block (as previously announced on November 15, 2018):
  • OGIP of 6.13 TCF (best estimate) / 9.25 TCF (high estimate)
  • 3P + 3C + 3U is 2,988.40 BCF (2.99 TCF)
  • Undiscounted value of $13.78 billion
  • Discounted value of $4.31 billion

According to market reports, GAIL (India) Limited’s upcoming “Jagdishpur – Haldia&Bokaro – Dhamra pipeline” is expected to be operational by February 2021. This pipeline will provide the Company with the opportunity to expand its customer base and sales significantly by accessing the huge market of Kolkata and also to the wider State of West Bengal.  The transportation tariff of this pipeline has been fixed at Rs. 71.08/mmbtu (~$0.96/mmbtu) including 12% for Goods and Services Tax.

India LNG imports for September 2020 were~5% higher than September 2019 and the cumulative imports for H1FY2020 – 2021were~3% lower than the period of H1FY 2019 – 2020. As per the publically available data, the average delivered LNG price for H1 FY 2020 – 2021was$7.49/mmbtu. Transporting this to the eastern region, via the above-mentioned pipeline, would entail the additional transportation tariff mentioned above.

Prashant Modi, Managing Director & CEO of Great Eastern, said: “The COVID-19 pandemic and associated economic slowdown globally and in India has created severe challenges across the spectrum. With repeated lockdowns worldwide, we expect this situation to continue until one of the many vaccines being developed becomes available.  There has been some positive news on the vaccine earlier this week and we hope for a positive outcome.  Encouragingly, the Company’s business and balance sheet have been able to comfortably withstand the severe impact of these events. With the steps taken by the government to accelerate the growth of the Indian economy due to COVID-19, demand for hydrocarbons in India has grown post-June 2020.”

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