GoPro Hero 7 Sports Action Camera Specification And Pricing

When it comes to sports action camera, American action camera brand GoPro still ranks on top. After the Hero 6, GoPro introduces their new Hero 7.

The GoPro Hero 7 was launched in September 2018. Action cameras are most popular among the adventure lovers. Adventurers like mountain biking, skate boating, or other moments. To shoot extreme moments, these cameras are highly demanded. With The Hero 5, Hero 6 GoPro brings action cameras with exciting features. Hero 7 is the newest addition to their action camera family. According to pricing and specifications, they launched three variants under the Hero 7 series; hero 7 Black, Hero 7 Silver and Hero 7 White. Here in this article, we are describing their features and pricing. Let’s get started.

GoPro Hero 7 Black action camera:

This is the high-end model among this three action cameras. The GoPro Black replaces the GoPro 6 Black and according to the Founder of Gopro Nick “the best in-camera video stabilization in any camera, ever.” In this camera, a new feature has given; ‘Hypersmooth.’ This is an electronic image stabilization system. That enables you to take stable videos on a shaky movement for bike riders or any ups down moments. You can go live on various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and many more with the camera. Another impressive feature is time wrap. You can take smooth, stabilized time-lapse videos with that. This action camera has a 12 megapixels camera. The camera can shoot 4K video at 60fps, 2.7K video at 120fps, and 1080p at an impressive 240fps. You get a 2in screen to change the settings as per your needs. The action camera can take shoot 12-megapixel photos.

Go Pro Black Hero 7 Action Camera

GoPro Hero 7 Black specs at a glance:

  • Hypersmooth video capture.
  • Take videos up to 4K/60 fps.
  • 2.7K/120fps and 1080p/240 fps.
  • Live stream, time wrap videos.
  • Waterproof (10 meters).
  • Voice control.
  • Removal battery.
  • GPS, QuikStories.
  • 8x slow-motion videos.

The Hero 7 Black prices Rs. 36,000.


GoPro Hero 7 Silver:

This action camera has given a 10MP camera. It can shoot 4K videos at 30fps 1440p videos at 60fps, and 1080p videos at 60fps. It can catch 10-megapixel pictures up to 15 fps. Similar like the Hero 7 Black you get voice control on the Hero 7 Silver action camera. You don’t get the “Hypersmooth” feature as the higher variant and 8x slow motion capture. Here you get 2x slow-motion capture. The lens and the battery cannot be removed. It has an inbuilt battery inside. With this action camera RAW photo is not available.

Hero Go Pro 7 Silver Action Camera

GoPro Hero 7 Silver Specs at a glance:

  • 4K video recording maximum at 30fps.
  • 1440p at 60fps, and 1080p at 60fps.
  • Maximum 10 meter waterproof.
  • 2-inch touchscreen.
  • Time-lapse, Voice control.
  • Video stabilization.

The price of the action camera is Rs. 27,000.


GoPro Hero 7 White action camera:

This is the lowest segment on the Hero 7 action camera line up. This Hero 7 White sports a 10-megapixel camera. It can record videos of 1080 pixels at 60 fps. You get voice control as like above cameras. It has 2x slow-motion capture. You do not get here the “Hypersmooth” and Live streaming feature on this action camera like the Hero 7 Black. As same as the Silver you get here in-built battery and don’t get the GPS recording. It sports a 2-inch touchscreen to change your settings.

Go Pro White Hero 7 Specifications

GoPro Hero 7 White Specs at a glance:

  • 1080p maximum at 60 fps.
  • 10 MP photos up to 15 fps.
  • Voice control, time-lapse capture.
  • Waterproof up to 10 meters.
  • Built-in battery.
  • Portrait orientation.

The price of this action camera is Rs. 19000.



If money is not a big issue and you can afford 36,000 Rs for purchasing a sports action camera, then you should buy the GoPro Hero 7 black. Probably it is the best action camera present in the market with these high-end features. The Silver and the White models are not bad according to the price comparison. All the cameras are significant according to their specifications and pricing. Now you need to decide which camera can be best for you and suits your needs.

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