Google unveils new Web Stories for WordPress for creators

New Delhi, Sep 23 (IANS) Google has allowed creators to make and publish more compelling and more visually-appealing stories with the new Web Stories for WordPress plugin.

The new version offers a drag-and-drop interface to make it easy for creators to get started.

Those who want to take full control of their stories, the plugin includes comprehensive visual editing capabilities, a re-envisioned visual media gallery, image masking, gradient editing, saved colors and styles and several design features, Google said in a blog post on Tuesday.

Google said it has collaborated with Unsplash to make their extensive high-quality photo library just a click away, as well as Coverr, “giving you high-quality, free stock video right from the editor”.

The plugin also comes with fully designed templates.

“And you can find resources and tips for creating a compelling Web Story on, your home for the plugin,” Google said.

The company introduced the beta version of the plugin earlier this year and after incorporating feedback and adding features, it's now available for everyone within the WordPress plugin directory.

“We'll add more templates, stock media integrations and features in the near future,” Google informed.

Web Stories for WordPress, that brings a familiar full-screen, tappable story format to the wide audience of the web, is open source and Google is seeking contributions from the community, whether directly to the code or requesting product features and enhancements.



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