Google Retires Ad Balance Feature In AdSense

The Ad Balance feature has been retired by Google AdSense for publishers on May 20. AdSense has informed the publishers through emails about it.

The Ad Balance feature was introduced by Google back in January 2018, which would allow publishers to maintain their user experience. The Ad Balance would allow publishers to control the ads, that means they could control how many ad they want to show on their platform. This tool was useful for publishers because this was enabling them to control the user experience into their site. This feature was allowing them to reduce the ads show on their website. Putting more ads on sites is bad for the user because this leads to bounce rates and decreases the ad revenue.

Previously on May 6, 2020, Google made the announcement that “the Ad Balance is being retired”. They made this decision based on publishers' feedbacks. On the mail from AdSense Team states that when after taking down Ad Balance, more ads will start showing on publishers sites. On the earning, they said that this change would have a neutral or positive impact on the publisher's revenue. Besides, that impact of retiring the Ad Balance can be seen on overall RPM and impression too. There also stated that the Ad Balance experiment option would also be removed on 10/06/2020.

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