Google Pay Introduces Three New Features To Save More In The Google Pay App

Google Pay, one of the big players in the digital payment systems, is going to introduce three features to save, commute and manage money while you pay for the groceries, pay for transit fares in more cities, and better understand spendings.

Since its launch, millions of people have used Google Pay as a convenient mode of payment through their smart devices. Google Pay updated their blog mentioning about three new functionalities.
Saving while paying for the grocery:
It is often a tiresome job to always find the correct coupons, remembering the excellent offers online, and bring them while you pay. Google has teamed up to make that weekly coupon finding job much easier through the app. Users now can find deals on thousands of items from more than 500 Safeway stores. They can find similar deals at Target stores too.
More city options to pay for transit with Google Pay:
In the United States, Google Pay already supports the buying and using the mobile transit tickets in more than 80 cities. Now Google is adding Chicago and the San Francisco Bay area. According to Google, users will soon be able to access transit tickets from the app's home screen.
The third addition is viewing monthly spending with ease.
To see the expenses, account balance, upcoming bill reminder, weekly spend summaries, and more, users needed to go through the “Insights” tab.
Now, Google pay is making it more accessible for users to track their expenses. Now, people can see their spending category or business-wise. Once you search for something, it will show you the amount you have spent for that item this month, along with all the transactions you have paid for that item.

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