Google Maps returns to Apple Watch after 3 years

San Francisco, Sep 10 (IANS) Google Maps for Apple Watch is now available with the latest watchOS update, more than three years after the search giant pulled the app from the device for reasons still unknown.

Google Maps for Apple Watch is rolling out with version 5.52 on the App Store, reports 9To5Google.

Google first announced that Google Maps would be returning to Apple's wearable in August.

There was a Google Maps for Apple Watch app, but Google ended watchOS support in 2017.

On the Apple Watch, Google Maps is focused on providing step-by-step directions, as well as estimated arrival times.

The app's primary screen shows the “Current trip,” while there's a list of “Travel times” below which includes Home, Work, and any other saved shortcuts/destinations.

The watchOS client supports navigating by car, bike, public transit, or walking, and users can “Set travel mode” directly from their wrist.



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