Google Maps’ new Incognito mode comes to iOS

San Francisco, Dec 10 (IANS) Google has started rolling out “Incognito” mode to iOS to stop searches or places a user navigates to in Maps from being saved to their Google account.

It works much the same as it does with Android. Simply open Google Maps, tap on profile photo, and select “Turn on Incognito mode”. While Incognito mode is on, user won’t receive personalised suggestions or notifications.

“Incognito mode on iOS works the same way it does on Android. While in Incognito mode, the places you search for or navigate to won’t be saved to your Google Account and you won’t see personalised features within Maps, like restaurant recommendations based on dining spots you’ve been to previously. Using Incognito mode on your phone will not update your Location History, so the places you go won’t be saved to your Timeline,” Marlo McGriff Product Manager, Google Maps said in a statement.

Additionally, US based search engine giant also announced that it will roll out the ability for Android users to bulk-delete information from their Google Maps timeline and location history, next month.

“With bulk delete, you can quickly find and delete multiple places from your Timeline and Location History all at once. You’ll still have the ability to delete all or part of your Timeline by date range from your Location History settings,” McGriff added.

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