Google launches full TV controls on its Home application

Tech giant Google has reportedly started to roll out full TV controls on its Google Home application.

According to a report by 9To5Google, several users who have TVs compatible with Home Support and Google Assistant spotted the new development.

Reportedly, after the rollout of full TV controls on the Google Home app, users can spot include volume up/down, un/mute, power on/off, pause, and more. Previously, these controls could be only seen on the Nest Hub.

Moreover, the report suggests that the development is different from cast-enabled televisions or Google or Android TV. These are rather served by the latest Google Home app’s media controls, as per the report.

Meanwhile, Google has announced that it is bringing end-to-end encryption to Gmail on web browsers. Currently, in beta users will be able to send and receive encrypted emails within your domain and outside of your domain. According to Google, the email body and attachments, including inline images will be end-to-end encrypted.

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