Flock witnesses 40% revenue growth for 3 consecutive quarters

New Delhi, Sep 24 (IANS) Workplace communication and collaboration platform Flock has seen 40 per cent growth in sales for the three consecutive quarters, along with witnessing a 60 per cent permanent increase in user time spent on the platform.

The company said it has also doubled its number of paid users in the last two quarters in the pandemic times.

Flock's daily active users now spend more than 90 minutes on the platform on average per day, with the most active users spending upwards of 300 minutes collaborating with team members every day.

“Our aim has always been to make communication seamless across teams and departments and we're working towards that goal of providing users with a secure environment to do their best work in,” said Bhavin Turakhia, Founder and CEO at Flock.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, employers have turned to collaboration platforms like Flock to ensure business continuity.

The company said it has become the de-facto platform for all work communication for thousands of companies both in India and across the globe.

“We continue to seek user feedback and build the features and functionality which help businesses adapt to this new normal. Our revenue growth quarter over quarter is a reflection of the critical role we play for our customers,” said Gaurang Sinha, Director of Go-to-Market Strategy at Flock.

Moreover, companies have continued to use Flock as their platform of choice, even as many of their employees have retired to offices.

Flock's features include providing single window access to all users in one team, easy integration to every modern business tool, security, and data privacy among many others.

The company, which has a presence in India, Dubai, and the US, has also introduced five new features last quarter such as Zoom integration, voice notes, video recording, emoji updates, and feedback section.



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