Flipkart launches ‘Flipverse’ to offer virtual shopping experience in the metaverse

Homegrown e-commerce platform Flipkart is launching a metaverse-based shopping platform called ‘Flipverse'. For this Metaverse project, the e-commerce hulk has partnered with eDAO, a Polygon-incubated firm.

The platform will be in an early adoption phase and will only be available to Android users for a week, the e-commerce giant said. The first phase will involve 15 brands including apparel brand Puma, cosmetics and personal care brand Nivea, and homegrown electronics brand Noise, as per reports.

Users of the platform will also get virtual avatars, and a future version of the platform would also include collaborative shopping experiences, where users will be able to interact with each other’s virtual avatars when shopping.

“The launch of Flipverse will continue to have an impact on innovative industries like e-commerce and enhance the customer experience while delivering a gamified and immersive shopping experience, especially in light of the adoption of the metaverse and web3 platforms by multiple brands in India,” Naren Ravula, VP and Head, Product Strategy and Deployment, Flipkart Labs, said in a statement.

“By providing customers with access to their preferred brands, offers, SuperCoins, and digital collectibles, we are aiming to improve their shopping experiences in a virtual and immersive setting,” Ravula added.

Flipkart’s Flipverse will offer games, NFTS, contests, drops, brand activations, mystery boxes, and heaps more. The said project will have pan India accessibility and Flipverse can be assessed by anybody having a mobile device and a browser.

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