Fishing, aquaculture industry exempted from lockdown measures

New Delhi, April 10 (IANS) The Centre on Friday exempted the operations of “fishing (marine) and aquaculture industry” from the lockdown measures imposed to contain the spread of transmission of Covid-19.

In the fifth addendum to its consolidated guidelines dated March 24, the Ministry of Home Affairs issued the fresh order exempting the operations of fishing (marine), aquaculture industry, including feeding and maintenance, harvesting, processing, packaging, cold chain, sale and marketing, hatcheries, feed plants, commercial aquaria, movement of fish or shrimp.

Fish products, fish seed or feed and workers for all these activities will also be exempted from the 21-day nationwide lockdown which was imposed on March 24 by the Ministry after the Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared the unprecedented step in fight against the novel coronavirus.

As per the order, specified lockdown measures like social distancing and proper hygiene practices must be ensured in each of the activities as well as the activities permitted by earlier orders, the Home Ministry order said.

“It will be the responsibility of the head of the organisation/establishment to ensure compliance of such norms. The district authorities will ensure strict enforcement,” the order said.

This addendum is in continuation to the Ministry of Home Affairs' earlier guidelines in exercise of the powers, conferred under the Disaster Management Act during the lockdown.



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