Elephant killed by throwing burning cloth on it in Tamil Nadu, Netizens put anger on social media

An elephant has died after some miscreants threw a burning cloth on it in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu.

According to the forest officials, the elephant, aged around 40 years, sustained serious burn injuries to its ears after people from a private resort in Masinagudi threw a lit cloth on it. It died while efforts were being made to shift it to a facility for administering medical care.

According to the footage released by the department on Friday. The video showed the fire and flames being hurled from a building, injuring its ear. The elephant fled, trumpeting in pain.

On the basis of the video, two persons, identified as Prasath and Raymond Dean, both natives to Mavanallah, were taken into custody. One more person, identified as Ricky Rayan, is also involved in the case.

On the other hand, after revealing a video clip a group of netizens has expressed their anger on Twitter with #ElephantDeath. Some people say those who involved in the incident should be severely punished.

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