Do You Still Believe In These 5 Common Boarding School Myths?

A boarding school can be the best choice for your child if you're considering schools. Even if you have just started to research about the boarding school.

You already might be having information about it. The information about the boarding school might come from books, the internet, etc.

Here we have compiled the most common misconceptions about the boarding school. Browse through them to learn and discover the truth about boarding school,

1.You must be very wealthy to go to a boarding school:

Boarding schools are not only for rich people. A person can easily send their children to a boarding school without facing any financial difficulties.

2. Parents send their children to a boarding school for punishing them:

This is a very common misconception amongst many people. A boarding school provides a learning environment for its students. Parents send their children to a residential school so that their children become more independent, confident, and smart.

3. There is not much supervision at boarding school as there would be at home:

This is wrong as boarding school students are also given equal and personal attention. The number of students in a class is less than that of a traditional school.

4. Boarding school does not prepare the students for future:

This is not at all true. Boarding schools play a crucial role in building a child’s future. They can be said as a building block for building a child’s future.

5. Boarding schools have no one advocating them or helping them solve when students face problems:

Most schools have a counselor or psychologist on campus to meet the needs of all students on a confidential basis.

Even the boarding school teachers are very friendly and they are always ready to help the students in need.

With these many benefits that the boarding school provides, the boarding school can be a great choice for your children.

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