Delhi HC locked down til April 4, ditto lower courts

New Delhi, March 23 (IANS) The Delhi High Court has directed the suspension of its services along with that of its subordinate courts till April 4 amid the lockdown due to the outbreak of coronavirus, a notification said on Monday.

The court has directed that matters of extreme emergency can be mentioned telephonically to the Registrar/Joint Registrar telephonically.

The notification read, “The respective District and Sessions Judges shall prepare a roster OF Judicial Officers for dealing with remand related to fresh arrests. For Fresh matters of extreme urgency, one Administrative Officer (Judicial) nominated in each District who can be contacted telephonically by the Advocate/party. Necessary directions be issued and uploaded on the website by the concerned District & Sessions Judges.”

“…in view of the above directions, only those staff officials, who are residing in Delhi and are using own conveyance, are called for handling indispensable services, as aforesaid. However, as already directed, all those staff officials, who are not required to report for duty on any given day, would not leave the station under any circumstance. They would always be available on call and would be deemed to be on duty. In case of any urgency,” the notification stated.

The court has also directed the Delhi Judicial Academy to suspend all its training programmes and court attachments till 4.4.2020.



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