COVID-19: ‘What day is it?’ Rahul posts on social media

Bengaluru, May 14 (IANS) The prolonged period of lockdown to curb the menace of COVID-19 pandemic does take a toll, so much so that India batsman K.L. Rahul has put up a tweet asking which day of the week is it.

The cricketers have been locked up in their homes since the nationwide lockdown was imposed on March 24. The Indian Premier League (IPL) has been postponed and now the T20 World Cup slated to take place in Australia later this year, is also in doubt.

Rahul, who kept wickets for India against Australia at home and in New Zealand before their South Africa home series got pushed back, was in fine form. The dashing Karnataka right-hander on Thursday tweeted: “What day is it?….”

He also shared an old photo along with the post where he is looking deep in thought.

Recently Rahul got up close and personal with television presenter and commentator Suhail Chandhok in the fifth episode of ‘The Mind Behind'. He spoke about how he is spending time at home during this period.

“Me and my family are in Bangalore. We're all safe. I'm just trying to do whatever I can, in terms of training and keeping busy. I haven't been or haven't really got to a place where it's annoying, I'm hanging in there! But yeah, it is it is quite nice to spend time at home and I remember when we kept playing (the team) for so long, all of us kept wanting a break, and now that we've got such a big break, we are like we don't want such a big break.”

Rahul also said if he had the option of changing any match going back time, he would do so for the 2019 World Cup semi-final which India lost to New Zealand.

“It has to be the World Cup semi-final. I think most of us are still not over that loss, it is still haunts us sometimes. I can't imagine what the senior players must have felt but you know in a World Cup it just becomes even harder and knowing that we played so well in the entire tournament. Yeah, so, you I still wake up to that nightmare sometimes!”



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