Covid-19: Liam Payne donates cash worth 3,60,000 food parcels

London, May 4 (IANS) Singer Liam Payne volunteered in a food bank in the wake of the global pandemic.

He was left deeply upset by reports of families struggling to eat during the ongoing coronavirus lockdown that has affected the economy of many countries.

The star has donated cash worth 3,60,000 ( three lakh and 60,000) food parcels to the Trussell Trust, who support a network of food banks in the UK.

He also headed to a food bank in London's Euston to volunteer.

“I was told that in terms of people turning up to that specific food bank, it was almost double, if not more. It's terrible people need food banks anyway but now, it's getting worse and worse,” he told mirror.co.uk.

Liam spent a day packaging up food parcels for the homeless with a team of four other charity volunteers.

“My job for the day also entailed packaging up specific items for homeless people that were stuck on the street,” he said.

“They need very specific types of food because a lot of them can't cook things, they can't prepare stuff, they can't get boiling water,” he added.

Last week The Trussell Trust said it was enduring its busiest ever period, with 81 percent more emergency food parcels being given out across the UK compared to the same period in 2019.

“The numbers are crazy. And it's just disturbing to know how many people are without food in these circumstances. I hope enough people out there know about these food banks and can get down to them,” he said.



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