COVID-19: Athiya Shetty pitches in with dry ration, hygiene kits

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) Amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, actress Athiya Shetty is doing her bit to help the poor. Through her mother Mana Shetty' organisation, Save The Children India, Athiya is pitching in with the distribution of dry ration, hygiene kits and also direct bank transfers.

“I have donated, I feel you need to lead by example and you need to practice what you preach. Also, we have a WhatsApp group with my parents the CEO of Save The Children India and my very good friend Maya Patel, so we have created this initiative to raise money and provide for the people who are vulnerable,” she said.

She has also arranged hearing aid batteries for the needy.

“Also, a couple of weeks ago we realised that some of the kids who are a part of Save The Children India have cochlear implant surgeries and they have to wear a earing aid. That battery was running out and all the warehouses were shut, so for about one week we were trying desperately to contact different warehouses and CEO's of different companies to try and get those specific batteries, because if you don't get those batteries it is taking them back 6 months because they won't be able to hear and that affects their education and daily lifestyle.

“So we have also been focusing on getting those batteries, finally we did get them last week and it just brought me so much happiness and joy. Things like these and also just spreading awareness, and speaking to even the people I think helps. The word spreads and it helps people be more concious and take notice to what really matters,” Athiya informed.



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