Clensta launches its innovative range of Red Aloe Vera skincare products

Mumbai, India: Clensta International, a Gurgaon-based new-age start-up, today announced the launch of its Red Aloe Vera range of skincare products. The innovative range of ten products includes six for women, three for men, and one unisex product. The SPF Lotion, Hair Serum, Face Serum and Under Eye Cream is for women, Intimate Brightening Scrub, Face Brightening and Detan Scrub are for men. The Face Moisturizing Cream and Lip Lightening Cream are unisex products.

The legacy of Aloe Vera and its beneficial effects dates back to over 3000 years. The higher concentrations of beneficial phytochemicals in Red Aloe Vera provide it with a 22-times more powerful anti-inflammatory effect. High concentrations of salicylic acid and polysaccharides help relax tight muscles and provide a soothing effect.

Clensta has over twenty patented products in its portfolio that include personal care and home care products. The company has developed scientific solutions to pressing needs through its R&D center at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. A winner of several national and international awards, their use of STAR (Stress-free skin with Transdermal and Aromatherapy based Reagents) technology, infusing their products with essential oils, provides numerous therapeutic benefits like mood elevation and a soothing effect.

Commenting on the launch of its Red Aloe Vera range, Founder, Puneet Gupta said, “We are very excited about the launch of our highly innovative range of Red Aloe Vera products. We are already acknowledged as the fastest-growing D2C brand in the country. Our products have gained the trust of our users and over 75% of our sales come through our website. Equally satisfying for us is that over 60% of our customers are repeat customers. Our products are designed to enrich the skin and the spirit of our customer”.

Red Aloe Vera has been found useful in treating burns, scrapes, psoriasis, and even insect bites too. Red Aloe Vera promotes scalp health and the antifungal elements in the gel are known to eliminate dandruff. The combination of vitamins and minerals in Aloe can soothe reddened skin from breakouts and acne.

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