CCI Donate Rs 51 lakh to Maharashtra CM’s Relief Fund

The Cricket Club of India (CCI) on Friday decided to donate Rs 51 lakh to the Maharashtra Chief Minister Relief Fund for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Besides that, CCI will provide a grant of Rs 51 lakh to their working community, their families and some former employees during the COVID-19 crisis.

Maharashtra is currently one of the worst affected states in India as it has covered more than 3000 positive cases of Coronavirus. In this situation, yesterday CCI president Premal Udani said, “We have decided to donate Rs 51 lakh to the Maharashtra CM’s Relief Fund. As the whole nation is trying to fight this virus, we are also on the same team. We have also donated Rs 51 lakh for the community of our staff, their families and some ex-staff.”

He also added, “We are praying and our government is also making full efforts to beat this virus. I hope with the combined hard work, we will overcome this situation.”

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