Calling me dramebaaz is Finance Minister’s view: Rahul

New Delhi, May 26 (IANS) Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said that calling him a ‘dramebaaz' is Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman's view, adding that he made the short documentary of the migrant workers walking to highlight their pain and sufferings.

Addressing a press conference through video conferencing, Rahul Gandhi said, “My motive was only to speak to poor, labourers and what they have in their heart.” He said to be true, “I get to learn from their knowledge”. I keep on helping. And if she gives me permission then I shall carry their luggage and not only of one person but of 10-15 people. My only motive is to help the people of the country.”

The Congress leader said that he made a short film to “feel the pain of the migrant labourers and listen to their plight. It has a very big impact. They are our strength and future. And if we don't help these people then whose help we will do.”

Taking a dig at Sitharaman, Rahul Gandhi said “And it is Finance Minister's view (to call me dramebaaz), it is ok, and I thank her. And if she wants me to go to Uttar Pradesh then I shall go on foot and help the others if she gives me the permission.”

The Congress MP from Kerala's Wayanad was responding to a question over Sitharaman calling him a dramebaaz for meeting the migrant workers in the national capital earlier this month near Sukh Dev flyover in south east Delhi. Sitharaman had referred to the Congress leader meeting migrant workers as ‘dramebaazi' during a press conference last week.

Rahul Gandhi arranged for the transportation of the migrant workers, who were walking from Haryana to their homes in Uttar Pradesh's Jhansi. He also released a 16 minute documentary on Saturday morning including his conversation with the group and demanded that the government transfer Rs 7,500 into the bank accounts of the labourers and farmers.



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