BJP slams SP leader for demanding meat during Ramzan

Aligarh (UP), April 30 (IANS) BJP leaders from Aligarh have slammed former Samajwadi Party legislator, Haji Zameerullah Khan, for urging the government to reinstate the supply of meat during Ramzan, when the entire nation is fighting the corona pandemic.

Zamerullah Khan has explained that meat is essential for Muslims during Ramzan, as they become weak after keeping long fasts. “This is not only a habit. Meat provides protein to the body, which is required to fight viral infection,” he said.

Khan had written a letter to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and the district magistrate, demanding the supply of meat during the holy month. In his letter, he has also demanded adequate supply of milk, fruits and water during the month-ling fasting.

Former Mayor Shakuntala Bharti said: “Meat is not an essential item to be supplied during this crisis. There is a possibility of the infection spreading through butchers if meat shops are opened. Khan should learn a lesson from Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who did not even attend his father's cremation due to the lockdown.”

BJP MLA Sanjeev Raja said the SP leader's demand for meat was a recipe for disaster. He asked the district administration to reject the demand.



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